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Corsair Dark Core SE Mouse - Surface Calibration (Tip)


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I recently bought the Corsair Dark Core SE Wired/Wireless Mouse and immediately noticed issues with poor sensor tracking, stuttering and lag. I tried clearing onboard storage, reinstalling iCUE and even tried a factory reset of the mouse. Unfortunately the problem remained in both wired and wireless modes (ruling out wireless interference).


As a last resort before contacting support I thought I'd try Surface Calibration (only available in wired mode). Lo and behold the tracking issues disappeared completely and now the mouse responds as well as any other I've used, both in wired and wireless modes.


My mouse mat is nothing unusual (Corsair MM300) but my theory is that the default tracking performance of the mouse was way off for some reason (even after a reset)


After doing some online research I discovered that others have mentioned similar tracking issues with this model. I wonder if they might also benefit from using the Surface Calibration function. It's definitely worth a try if you're having similar issues. Just remember you (temporarily) need a wired connection to the mouse to use this iCUE feature.


Now I am much happier with the performance of the mouse. It was close to being unusable before calibration. I'm using it left-handed which is not ideal but until Corsair decides to make an ambidextrous (or left-handed) mouse with premium features it will have to do! The M55 RGB Pro doesn't quite make the grade for my needs, mainly due to not storing RGB settings in its onboard memory.


This is my first Corsair forum post. I hope somebody may find it helpful!



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