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Corsair Value Select Twin Kit (one stick screwy)


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I originally thought that my instability was being caused by a psu, because I tend to run a high vcore in order to overclock. But after replacing the psu and still being unstable I finally made the connection between putting this kit (2x512) in and the instability. I ran memtest86 on it and one of the sticks is reporting consistent errors right away. I'm pretty sure there's no way to fix this, but in accordance with your policy I'm posting here for help. (FYI, the ram has always been run at equal or lesser values to what it's rated at with normal voltages.)


A-Bit IC-7 w/ p4 2.4C

2x256 crucial pc3200

2x512 (one borked) corsair value select pc3200

Gentoo Linux w/ 2.6.10 kernel

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