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iCue + 3xML140PRO RGB, just 2 works :/


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Hello guys, if someone can help me I thank you, because I don't know what I do anymore


I set up my computer with the Water Cooler Corsair 115i RGB (here are the two fans that came with it in RGB too) + 3 ML140PRO RGB Fans + Commander Pro


Except that no matter how I do the configuration, only 2 Fans of the case work ... on the iCue the third one (always on port 1) is showing RPM spikes and it does not turn on (I tested all the fans on that port) and when I call on the power cable of the source it works, the funny thing is that it turned when I forced the firmware update of the commander ... but then it goes back to stop and stay from 0RPM to 15kRPM but it doesn't work like the other two


Has anyone had the same problem? the Cooler H115i, I only connected the USB to the commander, and it's ok


Testing on the other ports does not work, but as far as I know you need to follow a sequence to work, 1, 2, 3, etc.


Thanks in advance


PS: I formatted the pc, just put windows, I didn't put any other software to conflict with iCue, but even so the 3 fans don't work, only 2: /




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