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LL fans and Hydro H100i lighting problems


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5/6 of my LL120 fans keep flickering just like in the attached video. But not only do they flicker on and off, sometimes the colours just randomly switch from the LL being fully white to being half white and half RGB.


The only fan that behaves is the one in slot 1 of my Lighting Node. I have tried switching the other fans but the problem still persists. Could there be a problem with the Lighting Node? I have the one that comes with the 3-pack. Cause I have a hard time believing that 5/6 fans are faulty, especially since 2 of those are brand new.


Also the H100i rgb sometimes switches between the bright white (that I select) and a darker, more beige colour.


I've done everything from installing older icue versions, forcing firmware updates for the LN and even a clean install.

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