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Corsiar Link v4.9.9.3 Icon Missing


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I only came across 1 post that relates to this issue and it doesn't have a solution, so any ideas are much appreciated


The simple explanation: The icon for Corsair link disappeared and after several complete uninstall/re-installs there's no change. I tried associating my own icon with the program but the area under properties is greyed out. I cant create my own icon when creating a shortcut either. The Icon does seem to reliably show up in the notification area and the software works as intended otherwise.


OS: Windows 10 64

MOBO: Asrock trx40 creator

CPU: AMD 3960x

GPU: 2X Maxwell Titan X

Corsair Product: H115i CLC (non-pro)




If I missed a thread that explains all this, apologies in advance.

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