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H100 stopped working, CPU hitting 105C in idle


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*The right model is H110.


First, hello. My name is Robert and I'm 30 years old.


I'm not gonna lie, it's an old configuration being high-end at the time it was built, not yet useless but years have passed and every single component run out of warranty.. so RMA is not an option. Computer repair services are not an option too since getting a such (used) replacement would be cheaper in most cases.


During past week I had 2 major failures.

My GPU started disconnecting displays and getting black-outs even on the slightest load...


..and this Saturday my CPU went to 105 degrees on idle. For the record the CPU is not overclocked and the H110 is probably 7 years old.

Performance gradually slowed down and tbh it took me an hour to identify the problem - probably my AIO Corsair H110 has failed.

The fans are spinning, but the CPU is not being cooled. The pipes are cool on touch, not cold nor hot. The top (cap) of the cooler itself is not that hot.. I wasn't able to feel those 105 degrees outside of the CPU on the motherboard.

In the BIOS I see RPM activity for the CPU fan (has to be the pump right?).

I'm not able to differ the sound of the pump working from the other 10 fans to tell if it's working at all.


Right now I'm not even using the PC until I have some idea what to do. I'd probably tap on the pump unit itself to see if the magic will happen and probably replace it with some air cooler (found a cheap CM V10 from a friend), also missing thermal paste atm.


Is it worth it to try fixing it by myself or should I just throw it? What can I do?

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You need to move to a replacement cooling option. Assuming the issue is flow restriction, you theoretically could take it apart and clean it all out. Then you would need to figure out how to fill it with no fill port and still somehow get the cold plate back on. Actually, the hardest part is getting the cold plate off. Those screws were not meant to come out and it is very frustrating at best. There is a very good chance you damage them in the process and that creates yet another problem. I really don’t advise this path unless you are experienced in working with them and don’t have anything to lose by trying, including what happens if you are not successful in sealing it and it goes back into the case.


The plain old H110 was one of my favorite Corsair AIO coolers and I still have a working one. 7 years is a good run, but it’s had its day.

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