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Really annoying


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I have an annoying problem that is making me want to throw my Corsair Vengence RGB ram out the window!


I cannot for the life of me get the RAM to stay a solid color like I can with my Corsair LL Fans

The LL fans let me set a "hardware" lighting so even if the software is not installed they stay the color that I want.

The RAM on the other hand has no such option, Regardless of what color I pick(I use solid white) then either when the PC wakes up from sleep or I don't have iCue installed the ram will Flash a bunch of random colors and it's very distracting and annoying.

If I start Icue and use my profile the RAM will be white. The instant I end the LEDKeeper task in task manager the ram will go retarded and act like it's 1972 in a skating rink.


Is there any way to have this RAM stay the color I want without this software installed?

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hi buddy.....


(ignore its Dominator Ram.. settings/Control is the same)





in iCUE.... in Settings... in the Ram Settings tab.. look for 'enable full software control'


i assume this is ticked?


if you untick it.. then go apply a lighting effect to the ram. this is what will show during startup/shutdown/locked/when iCUE isnt running. this would be its 'Hardware playback'


to simplify..


Full Software Control enabled = iCUE Controlled (full control inc layered effects)


Full Software Control disabled = Hardware Playback (less control and no layered effects)


Hope that helps buddy

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