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Possible bug with mouse action Macro


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Hey everyone,


I'm currently being plagued by a very weird bug with one of my macros. First a little bit of background information:


  1. This macro was working before I reinstalled Windows.
  2. After the reinstall, it wasn't working as intended.
  3. Nothing has changed (same hardware and software).
  4. I rolled back to the iCUE version that I used on my previous install to no avail.
  5. No idea how to continue.


Here's the full macro:



So what's going wrong?

Basically, it seems to "overshoot" the relative -39px and 39px X axis movements as long as I'm NOT moving my mouse. Here's an illustration:



1, the green dot, is the first click.

2 is where it clicks next.

3 is where it clicks after 2, without me doing anything with my mouse.

As long as I don't move my mouse, it will - incorrectly - click between points 2 and 3.

When I start moving my mouse downwards (4), it will suddenly click between the locations of 1 and 2 (which is correct as the distance is 39 pixels).

When I stop moving my mouse manually, it will click between the location of point 1 and 5 (if I stopped moving earlier it would have been between location 3 and 2).


Anyone got an idea what this could be related to?

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