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Void Pro Battery Life worse with iCUE


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I use macOS and got Void Pro's like a year ago, back then there wasn't any iCUE for Mac so I just used them without it. Worked without issues, only downside was the RGB always being enabled on the default color cycle mode.


Last week I saw there is iCUE for Mac now and I installed it and it absolutely killed the battery life of my Voids, from around 14 hours (I lightly use them all day long and only plug them in at night) to maybe 7 to 8 hours with iCUE enabled.


Without iCUE and WITH RGB always on by default = 14 hours

With iCUE and with RGB fully off = 7 to 8 hours



That made absolutely no sense to me so after like a week I uninstalled iCUE again and went back to using it without, and it instantly went back to the full 14 ish hours, lasting all day long. So it's not the battery failing or anything but definitely iCUE for Mac.


Is that normal and has anyone else had the same issue?


Using it without iCUE isn't really any problem I'm just curious if I can fix that somehow because having some control over RGB would be nice.

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