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Corsair RGB Virtuoso and its many MANY flaws.


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It should be noted that I registered an account and created a username just so I can tell you HOW BAD this headset is.


So I have had this headset now for almost a month. I have to say I am shocked at how bad it is. To put it simply, this headset is an embarrassment to its predecessor, the Void. For it to cost more than twice is much is laughable. So lets get to it.


Problem #1: There is no off button. The Virtuoso comes with a toggle switch which flips it between wireless mode and wired. You can turn this headset off if you toggle it to wired mode while it is not plugged in, HOWEVER. If you charge your headset at night like do, the headset NEVER turns off. If you plug it in to charge it while its in wired mode OR wireless mode, the headset does not turn off. The LED's on the headset function all night long forming a wonderful EDC-like light show while you are trying to sleep. SO STUPID. So you can only charge it while you are gaming which almost entirely defeats the purpose of the wireless mode.


Problem #2: After the headset has been turned off by switching it wired mode and unplugging it, almost none of my software detects this headset when I turn it back on. I have to go into the settings and re-select the Virtuoso input and output devices. This is has to be done about 90% percent of the time I turn on this headset. NOT TO MENTION, sometimes when this headset is turned on, left and right headphones are switched!!! Like what? What is left of me I am hearing on my right. How does that even happen?


Problem #3: If I turn this headset on after I have already loaded up a game, the audio breaks. World of Warcraft and Rocket League being the only two games I play at the moment. This is an issue for both games. It is like opening a box of Rice Krispies and pouring a gallon of milk into the box within my headphones. Snap, Crackle, Pop, The audio for the games I play is so crackly it is unbearable. So I then have to close the game and re open it so this silly headset can function like it is supposed to.


Problem #4: If you decide to turn off the voice prompts within ICUE like myself, you then have no notifications at all when your mic is muted or unmuted or even if your battery is dying. This headset just straight up dies on me without any warning after turning the voice prompts off. Oh you're in a heated game with your buddies and communication is key? Well that is too bad lets just shut you down anyway without even giving you a single complimentary beep to let you know the battery is about to die.


Problem #5: Lets talk about the battery now that I have visited this topic. It dies too fast. That's it. It honestly feels like it has about have the battery life of the void.


So all in all, If you own a Void and you are interested in upgrading like I did, DON'T! Buy a new void or wait for the next model because this headset is a joke. Can't believe this design made it to production.

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