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Virtuoso and PUBG - high freq cut in/out, weird positional stuff

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Hey all - been using a wired Kingston HX headset for ages. Switched to Virtuoso and having mixed experience. Battlefield 5 sounds awesome. PUBG is giving me absolute headaches. I have tried wired and wireless. One thing that seems to be happening is that it almost sounds as though someone is turning the like 1K - 2K slider up and down while I play. Then, if I look around in the game, its like it does the same thing. Its driving me mad. If I close iCUE it seems to stop for the most part, though sometimes the "looking around" part occurs.


Its very irritating. I am running iCUE 3.24.52 with Virtuoso dongle FW v0.16.80 and headset v0.17.149.


Any help is appreciated!

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I recently acquired the Virtuoso SE and experience the same issue. The sound driver for the headphones appears to be struggling with PUBG. Ambient sounds seem to rise and fall as you move or look around. If you stay still the ambient sound tones stabilize. A look left or right, and the ambient sounds flatten out.


I have tried adjusting the settings in PUBG to no avail.

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I had same issue as Virtuoso SE, my previouse Void Pro (USB) do not have this issue when play PUBG, acoustic is prefect but when I switched to Virtuoso SE (USB/2.4G) the in game sound is awful. The steps, environment, gun shot are like someone mask your ear. Sound volume is 100% but still cannot heard it, l felt like along in the game. team mate volume is OK. I try both latest iCUE 3/4 but the same experience. 

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