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Carbide>220T RGB Platinum troubleshooting


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Configuration: H100i RGB platinum cooling connected to its own controller + the original three RGB case fans + an additional RGB fan for the rear. PSU is a Corsair RM650. Corsair iCue utility is installed and the utility does see the case lighting core node and the H100i RGB cooling lighting as present.


The issue is that the original three case RGB fans in front only light up dimly and are not responsive to the lighting pattern selected in the iCue utility. The H100i RGB fans and the rear RGB fan do display the selected Rainbow wave pattern.


When testing the RGB fan leds with the lighting node core for proper operation, can the fan connectors at the node core port be hot swapped while the PC is up and running?


What I have been doing is shutting down the PC and starting it up again to be on the safe side.


In adding the fourth fan and following Corsair support's troubleshooting suggestion, I swapped the fourth RGB fan which was in port 4 with the bottom RGB fan at port 1in the lighting node core. I was pleased to see that the new RGB fan lit up and displayed the same pattern in synch with the H100i fans. I tried swapping each of the other three fans into port one and in each case the fan would run but not display the Rainbow wave pattern.


This was the result at the link below. As you can see, the front fans are dimly lit with no Rainbow wave pattern.



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