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LL120 and HD120 Help


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Hey guys, a while back I bought the Corsair Spec Omega RGB and I hooked up 2 new LL120s to complete my cool rgb build (2 HD120s and 2 LL120s)


Fast forward, recently I decided to move my build in my Corsair case to a new EVGA case, just to try and see if I like it better. I found a way to take out the lighting node pro and the rgb hub in the spec omega and put it into the new evga case.


I did this, and when I had everything hooked up, 2 of the LL120s are lit up and functional, whike the 2 other HD120s are spinning but there is no RGB whatsoever.


The second issue is that in iCUE, apparently the lighting node pro from the old Corsair case shows in iCUE, under devices that there is a device named Spec OMEGA RGB.


Someone please help, thanks!

I also tried moving the fans around into different rgb hub ports but sometimes 2 are lit up and the third one is half - lit , thanks anyone please.

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