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What did I just do to my PC build?

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Built a new gaming system in a Corsair 1000D, decided I needed a smaller case so I got the 500D and moved everything over.


I go to turn it on and this happens...




I was pretty meticulous, I don’t think I could have shorted anything. I can’t think of what I might have left unplugged, nothing is coming to mind. After 2 days getting this move done, and a stressful day at work, this frankly make me want to cry. I’m sure I’ll figure it and get over it.


Any ideas?

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Bummer. I know it's frustrating.


Couple of questions:


1. You said you were building it, but it sounds like everything was working in a different case, and you merely put it all in a smaller case, correct? No new components added?


1. I'm sure you have done this, but is everything seated correctly? Power supply to ATX cable snug and fully inserted on each side (if modular), RAM seated? You know the drill.


2. Are there any beep codes? Does the mobo have a error indicator LED or a number display?

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Hey, have you tried clearing your CMOS (BIOS reset)?

Your mainboard should have a button for that. It´s located on your I/O Panel.

(attached a screenshot).


Is your CPU power cable correctly installed? Is your 24pin ATX cable installed correctly?


Im trying to figure out what that clicking noise is in your video. I also noticed a "bang" or really loud click when you first turned it on. It could be the door or something.

Can you attach more pictures of the back and side of your computer?


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I went from a Corsair Crystal to Thermaltake P90. I have too many components and there wasn't enough room for all the wires in the back of the crystal chassis. Anyway, I had this problem happen, I took it all apart and put it back together. Same thing happened. Well, there was a electronic piece on the MoBo, where the solder (backside of MoBo) was making contact to the chassis. Which obviously created a ground fault. So, I took a diagonal cutter (tweezers will work too) and nipped it off. That fixed my major headache!
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