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680x Issues with cooling since vertical mount GPU


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I have had my setup running fine until today. on idle and low/medium workloads I have no issues with heat. However, when I play games or do any big rendering I see the GPU running upwards 88/90c


If I open the side panel and check with my hand over bottom intake it's all hot air. It appears to come from the GPU itself. I have the GPU fans on 50% at the moment. Should I go back to regular mount of GPU or should I reverse the bottom fans to exhaust since the GPU is now vertically mounted?


Fans are LL120s on Commander Pro with custom curve for front intake and rear exhaust. The top fans are exhaust on H100i platinum set pump and fans to extreme (fans balanced when not on heavy load). The bottom fans are intake on extreme while heavy load and custom curve all other times.


Commander Pro temp sensors:

#1 Top center of case by radiator/CPU = 33c

#2 Middle of case by memory/24 pin = 30c

#3 Bottom of case by intake fans/behind gpu = 31c


H100i platinum fluid temps = 29.5c


The GPU is Asus Strix 5700 XT. Idle/basic load/ temps are 38/40c (door closed) The motherboard is Asus Strix x570-e Gaming.


I live in Virginia, USA. My home is set to 23c/74F My wife likes it warm

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It seems like your case temp varies between 29-31C and that is fairly normal. A +1C rise in case temp will add +1C to the GPU and everything else in that local area. You can't possibly reduce your case temp by 20C to get to the GPU temp you are looking for, so that probably means there is another issue.


The GPU's own fans are the only thing really effective at cooling the circuit boards and diode temp sensors. That is the first thing to check. I have not worked with a 5700 XT, but presumably it is like most GPUs with screaming fan noise above 60%. I am sure you would like to stay out of that zone. If your GPU has a zero fan mode, don't use it except for desktop work. Run a custom curve with some minimal 20-30% baseline fan speed and a normal increase with temp. There is no reason to let the heat build up like a freight train and then try and get rid of it as it flies past 60C.


I don't see any reason to flip the bottom fans to exhaust. I have run the twin 740 Air case for years and running the bottom as exhaust is likely to lead to a decrease in airflow. The front has some restriction with the glass. The bottom is a very useful secondary source and it keeps the waste heat going in the right direction - up and out. In the vertical mount position, you still have lots of heat on the backplate side of the card. The bottom fans are very helpful for moving that off and protecting the motherboard temps. The only thing that might be affected is the RAM. GPU backplate is generally 50-60C on the surface and thus so is the air immediately around. That could cause higher than expected RAM temps.


I have never run vertical GPU in that case, so temporarily switching it back to standard might be an interesting contrast point if the GPU fans situation is already handled. However, the +50-60C difference between GPU temp and internal air temp suggests the issue is at the card level. Now, if those temp sensors are climbing to 40-50C when the GPU is at load, then there is an air flow management issue.

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