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Asus Rampage V Extreme + i7-5960x


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I do not know, if it is allowed. *flush

My English is´nt so good. That´s why i posted my question into the German user-part of this forum.



But i´ll try to discribe it in English, too. I think that there is more knowledge power here.*smiling

In the last few days i tried to make running this combination.

- Asus Rampage V Extreme

- i7-5960x

- HyperX Predator RGB 3200 (2x8GB)


But in two forums we could not find any solution. There seems to be Hynix JJR-Chips on the Rams. Up to 2.600MHz it is running well - but 2.666 and over that there were no solution.

That´s why i think i´ve to give up.


Now my question.....

Do you think, that Corsair Vengeance LPX could be running with that x99 platform-combination at higher frequencies - ideal up to full-power 3.200?


Are there any experiences with it?


Thank you very much



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2666 should be very easy on any memory kit on X99. You are losing a bit by running dual channel instead of quad channel, but that is another matter. I don't know if that specific Hyper X kit was developed for much later Z370 boards or something else that makes it different, but that is something you would need to ask them.


Ideally, you would like a quad channel Vengeance LPX kit. There may still be 4x4 kits out there. That is what I ran for several years on my X99. I ran 3200 easily on my X99 Pro and later X99 Strix. You may want to compare prices for 4x4 vs 4x8GB and assess how much you need.

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Thank you very much for your answer. *smiling


That was my problem - the HyperX only runs up to 2.600 MHz - no more at 2.666 or faster .... we tried so much optional settings. No one could find a solution, why the Ram did not run faster. That´s why the only thinking was an incompatibility of the Ram-chips.


Did i understood you right - Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x8GB could run in 3.200MHz?

I read, that this type of Ram was especially made for the x99 platform, is´nt it?

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I think any RAM that lists 'as compatible' for X99 or X299 should work. Really, it all should work but there are a few odd kits out there made specifically for newer dual channel or AMD machines.


Yes, I think you can run 4x8@3200. Your board is good. If I could do it on the Strix, you should have no problem with RVE. However, I do think 3200 is the limit on X99 for daily use. Too much risk when trying to clock over that for so little in return.

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