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H100i RGB Platinum SE fans speed locked


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I recently finished my new build in the iCUE 465x RGB case and the last component to arrive was the H100i Platinum AIO. The installation went smoothly and followed the manual completely.


I did notice a rattling and shaking sound on the pump but it could only be heard on the Quiet and Balanced settings on iCUE.


I waited a couple of days to let the AIO settle in leaving it at the Extreme profile but the sound would still return if the pump rpm was lowered.


I also noticed that my radiator fans have been locked at 700 RPM even if I try to set a custom curve profile. The fans are plugged into the pump 4 pin connectors and the RGB lead is connected to the lighting node core that came with the case.


I tried reconnecting the RGB lead to the pump RGB connectors just in case knowing it doesn't matter but my fans are still stuck at 700 RPM.


I'm okay with the rattling sound on my pump as long as I can make it inaudible with the extreme profile but will the high RPM on the pump wear it out faster over time? Is the AIO just defective and locking my fans at 700 RPM?


Here are my system specs just in case:


AMD Ryzen 5 2600X


G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4-3000

ASUS Prime X470-PRO Motherboard


Crucial 500GB M.2 SSD

Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

iCUE 465x RGB Smart case

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Do you have the stock fans on there? And I'm not 100% sure that even the white LLs support zero RPM mode but I'd think that they do since they come stock on a Platinum cooler. But that speed looks suspiciously like the min speed for an LL fan.


What happens if you increase the speed?

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My system uses 3 white LL fans as exhaust and 3 black LL fans that came with the case as intake. I've mounted the radiator to the first 2 intake black fans.


I made a custom profile using fixed RPM at 3000 but they only manage to hit 1750 RPM max which after doing research is a little higher than the max for the black LL120 fans.

The max RPM for the white fans is 2200 according to the Corsair product website.


Turns out I had confused myself by mounting the radiator to the case fans and using the white fans as exhaust. I have a white system theme so I wanted the white fans to be exposed vs the black fans.


I still don't understand as to why the preset profiles on iCUE made no difference at all when applied to the fans.


I am also still wondering if whether setting the pump RPM to the extreme preset to avoid the rattling sound is detrimental to the AIO in the long run or not.

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They make no difference because your cooler is at ... like ... 20C. They respond to the coolant temperature and that low won't get them going over the minimum speed. Wait until summer when it's warmer wherever you are.


And no, setting it to extreme is not detrimental to the AIO.

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