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H100i SE and RGB fan hub colors different tone

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Does anyone have explanation/fix why my LL120 fans connected to RGB hub and CoPro (or NoPro) has different color tone than LL120 fans which are connected to H100i SE platinum?


Fans and pump in H100i are more pure white and

case fans are more bluish.

Softwares should all be up to date on all devices.

This also happens with other colors, white is most noticeable.


In this picture the top radiator fan is connected to rgb hub and the other to H100i rgb header.


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I think it was an issue with different controllers on the devices which may cause a slight difference in how the white is displayed. If you have 6 total fans, you could put them all on the CoPro, or you could adjust the blue level on the CoPro so it matches the cooler.
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I am having the exact same problem right now. My pump is displaying way more vivid RGB than the fans are. What's worse is that my other fans, which are QL fans hooked up to a fan hub to an rgb node, are displaying even more washed out/not vivid color than the LL fans on the h100i! It's so frustrating. I've been searching everywhere for a good answer and a solution but I come up with nothing.
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LL and QL fans are not color temperature identical. You typically need to subtract some blue from the LL to set to bring them closer to the more neutral QL. Aside from the LED itself, the materials involved change the perceived hue. Each fan model has its own color characteristics.
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That's not the issue, I swapped one of the QL fans with one of the LL fans on the h100i, the QL fan LIT UP, it was vivid for the first time in its life, and the LL fan plugged into the fan hub/node pro was now the washed out/dim fan. This is a problem with software, not hardware. I can't find anything on how to fix it, I've been searching for months.
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