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Problems with Corsair K57 RGB Keyboard

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When I switch off my PC the keyboard goes to sleep.

When I turn on my PC the Keyboard is still asleep.

It doesnt wake up at all.

It will just keep sleeping until I press the key several times.

Pressing one time does not wake it up, it always has to be several times.

I am starting to get very annoyed by the fact that it always requires me to have to press the keys a few times to wake it up.


When I attach the USB wire to the keyboard all seems fine.

The issue is only apparent when the keyboard is on wireless.


I have tried using the latest IQUE to configure the keyboard but there is no features in there that allows me to disable sleeping.

The "Enable sleep mode" does not work.

I have already unticked it yet the keybaord continue to go into deep sleep when the PC is switched off.

I never had this issue with other keyboard.

I have started using a gaming keyboard only recently.

I have never used a gaming keyboard before this.


I am under the impression that a keyboard should always follow the control of the PC...

When a PC is off the keyboard should be off too.

How does this make sense when the Computer is on the keyboard does not switch itself on?....

It follows OFF but it doesnt follow ON...




Please help.



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  • Corsair Employees

Hi ronn,


This would be fairly typical behaviour for wireless keyboards and sleep modes.

Not only would you be waking the PC itself, but also the keyboard.


Given the above, and at least one keypress for each -- combined with potentially a second or two for either to activate, plus any delays from the monitor, we would expect a little delay potentially involving what appears to be multiple keypresses.


As you have already also pointed out - when running wired, this does not occur - as only the PC would need waking in this configuration


~ Mordred

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