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K70MK2 - Can't change profile unless I toggle SDK off and on


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This has started happening the past week. I've updated to the latest iCUE without any success. It happened before I updated to the latest software.


I'll power on my Windows 10 x64 machine and my keyboard lights will be in a particular profile, lets say Super Green. After about 10 minutes of just using Chrome and not loading any game or messing with ICUE, I'll look down and see that it's changed. I have not loaded any games, haven't run any programs, just fired up Chrome with no particular or special websites.


The K70MK2 will be lit up, but not in Super Green anymore. Instead it'll be in some sort of color scheme that doesn't match anything I have in my Profiles. Right now for instance, it's doing a brown/white gradient pattern. It doesn't look "bugged", meaning the gradient looks alright, it's just not what I should have. I have looked through every Profile I have in iCue and none of them match this brown pattern. It's not always this brown pattern, sometimes it's blue, sometimes it's red. But it's never anything I have in iCUE.


If I open ICUE and change to a new profile, the keyboard colors don't change, nor does the mock up picture of it in the ICUE software.


If I go into Settings and disable Enable SDK, it immediately load up whatever profile I have selected, and I'm fine. I can then tick off Enable SDK again and it won't go back to that mystery color scheme, it'll stay on my profile, and I can still swap colors and profiles around.


Basically to "regain control" of my keyboard colors from whatever it dumps to, I have to tick and untick Enable SDK.


I don't see what could be "taking over" the SDK and disabling it and thus setting my keyboard to some random colors. Is there any way to see what's using the SDK?


What's going on with this?

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Wallpaper engine is the only non-game related SDK program I know of.


same here.. wallpaper engine will take what ever wallpaper and change all my iCue devices.

Going to settings and disabling SDK is what i have to do to make any changes to the current profile or change to another profile. AFAIK this is how it's intended to be.

I only started using SDK recently after getting wallpaper engine. I haven't even played a game that has SDK functionality yet

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Wallpaper engine is the only non-game related SDK program I know.


That has got to be the issue. I've been using Wallpaper Engine for a long time and only recently updated it to some newer version, probably a week or so ago.


My guess is that the update included some new support for the SDK, either that or I added some new Wallpapers that use the SDK. I have a bunch of wallpapers on shuffle play so that would make sense why the keyboard colors were fine and then suddenly changed after 15 minutes!


Great find, thanks, I was going nuts over this and since Wallpaper Engine never used the SDK except apparently in this latest update, that's why I never saw it as a problem.


Next step is to figure out how to turn off SDK access for only Wallpaper Engine and/or only the wallpapers that are changing it!


EDIT: Found it. Sounds like Wallpaper Engine is also very aggressive with how it exclusively takes control over the SDK. It'll override any games that want to use the SDK and even overrides any manual settings like "load this profile when I load this game". Needless to say, I'll disable SDK support for Wallpaper Engine.



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