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LED do not respond propper


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After 2,5 years of working with the K70 keyboard some of the lights are acting strange.

They give other colours then what I programmed, also from time to time they are flickering.


These are the keys that have the problem.







Page up

arrows up, down, left, right


I tried a soft reset and a hard reset.


Corsair said that because it is 2,5 years old that this is a hardware problem and that they can not fix it because it 2,5 years old. I should buy a new one.

When I asked if it is normal that a keyboard only works for 2,5 years they said:


No. We're saying that based on our warranty policy, our keyboards, mice and headset have two years warranty. We are not living in a perfect world and everything is unpredictable specially electronic devices.


I hope maybe there are other people who have this problem and are willing to help.

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