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H100i PRO RGB high temps


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Hi all


I have just got the h100i pro rgb aio to cool my 7700k. Due to my previous h80i seeminly losing efficiency I had been running the 7700k at stock frequency.


Im still using stock settings on my 7700k and last night whilst playing Metro Exodus I had coretemp running in the background and the CPU was hitting 90 degrees C


I have checked and rechecked the pump is sat true to the cpu and I have even removed the preapplied paste and replaced with the new noctua nt-h2 and still seeing very high temps for stock frequency.


I have got icue installed and set the pump and fans to extreme


Any ideas as to why its so hot with a bigger AIO, is it possible for one of these to be faulty, have air trapped inside it perhaps?


Setup is a NZXT H500 case, the radiator is mounted at the front pulling air IN to the case through the radiator, then I have 2 case fans at the rear and the top setup as an exhaust.

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