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One RGB Fan Static Light! Was working until today!


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Everything was working until Yesterday, until I turn on my PC this morning I noticed that my 120mm back fan was static. I updated Iclue and run allot of colours and only the two out of the three 120mm RGB fans work.


On Iclue it's only detecting two fans and yet not all three, but all three fans are spinning, just the RGB light.


It's weird how it just stopped. Images added.







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Edit: I have two times LL140 and One LL120.


So my two LL140 is working but my 120mm fan that's on the back of the case is not.


Can we see the lighting setup on the Commander Pro?
I have the following:

-commander pro

-RGB Fan Hub Controller

-RGB Lighting Controller


My RGB strips lights are connected to the RGB lighting controller, then into the commander pro.


All my fans are connected to the commander pro for powering up the speeds/spinning, Then My RGB fan connectors for the fans go to RGB Fan Hub controller then the hub into the commander pro.


Two front LL140 is in slot 1 & 2 and my 120mm fan into slot 3 in the fan hub.

I have tried to but my 120mm fan in different slots in the hub, 3 and 4 and nothing. Also that the lights on the 120mm do not even show up and still not detected in the Iclue. ANd that my 120mm fan is what I got over a year ago where my 140mm is only 4 months old.

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You posted screen caps of the performance setup in the Commander Pro. That's actually not helpful in troubleshooting your situation.


So ... can you please post the Lighting Setup screen(s) for your Commander Pro? You have effects on both channels. So please show us how those are configured and specify what channel you have the fan hub connected to.


Also, with what you have, you don't need both the Commander Pro and the Lighting Node Pro. The CoPro will handle both.

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Lighting setup on the pro



Led RGB Strips setup



Light Channel 1 And it's also the same for 2




Lighting Node pro is connected to the commander pro by USB cable.

RGB fan hub is connected to the commander pro LED connection, using 2-pin cable.


Been working for almost good 4 months, then the 120mm fan that's located on the back of the case lights stopped.


Yesterday I did see, three lighting channel




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OK. So the fan in the back ... is that in port 3 on the fan hub?

If so, what happens if you swap it with the fan in port 1 on the hub?

Yes, It's in port three, I only put it in port 4 and that also doesn't work at the time I did it.


I just turn on my pc and 120mm fan lights up. However, it's green static light. That's still in port 3. Will try port 1 out later

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