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Accidentally used a superflower sata modular cable in my Corsair PSU


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I have a Corsair RM 750W Gold PSU, in my other system I have a superflower PSU. I was installing a new SSD in my PC that has the corsair PSU and I needed to add a modular sata power cable to it. I accidentally added the superflower sata power cable to my corsair PSU, I then added the SSD and I was baffled as to why my system was only turning on for less than a second. I removed the new SSD I installed and everything booted fine, I tried it again and the same thing happened. Long story short is took me a little while to figure out what actually happened, I used the wrong modular sata power cable


Anyways, I replaced it with the correct cable and everything is fine. System booted fine with no issues. Even the SSD still works fine without issue. Is their anything I should be aware of? Would this usually damage a system? The PSU in question is a Corsair RM750W Gold, I'm just paranoid I might have damaged something or is this unlikely?

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