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Is my CMX512-3200C2PT memory fake?

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I (think) bought 2 x CMX512-3200C2PT modules to be able to overclock with my AMD64 3000+ with on an ASUS A8N-SLI mobo. I have updated to the latest bios and am still having trouble getting decent memory oc values. I believe the memory I received may not actually be CMX512-3200C2PT.


The reason I believe this is when I open CPU-Z it shows in the SPD timings table that at 200Mhz it is CAS=3 RAS->CAS=3 and TRAS=8. However according to the specs it should be reading 2-3-3-6 @ 200Mhz. Also there doesnt appear to be any serial number or manufacture date registered on the modules.


Since I paid almost $200 I expect this stuff to be better than that VS512MB400C3 value ram but so far I dont see that it is.


What it the deal? Do I really have the memory that I believe I bought?




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