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H100i rgb Platinium


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I am all new to working with the watercooling system.

I realy like Corsair parts, and i desided to buy one.


I wonder if something is wrong, when my Icue software tells the water goes from 25c to 30c


Iddle its 26c. with CPU temp on 40-55c


When i go play CS-GO the CPU temp rises to 60-69c


Then the water temp would go 27-29c


I used Arctic MX-4 thermal compound.


Should the cooling system not be able to get more heat out of the cpu. or is it just me that missunderstood the whole thing..


Case. Corsair crystal 460.

CPu Intel I7 7700k.


Thanks for your time

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That's pretty much what's expected. The coolant has a higher specific heat (thermal capacity) ... so it takes significantly more heat energy to raise the temperature of the coolant by 1C than it does to raise the temperature of the CPU by 1C. Additionally, the radiator and fans are continuously shedding the heat.
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