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K83: unfinished product


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Sorry my english and long post. I'm frustrated, because I have tried since last friday to get this K83 to work properly. I bought this mainly, because it is advertised to work well with NVIDIA Shield TV. Also I use my PC only in sofa with 65 TV. I do not have even a monitor. Playing with shield and for typing and media use with PC. K83 looked and sounded excellent product. For typing this is the best keyboard I have ever used. Period. But now, to the frustrating part...



Scrolling is reversed. I did a poll. We got 13 workers here, none of them use scrolling upside down. Not with touch pad, not with mouse wheel. Up is up, down is down. By the way, right and left are also reverted. I think corsair engineers are little bit mad. Maybe their cars have "inverted" steering wheels.

Any of the touchpad settings doesn't work in Windows 10. Settings cannot be changed -even disabling touchpad in windows 10 (64bit) does nothing, it keeps working. =)


BUT, you why don't use iCUE? You can, but there are numerous bugs... If letting iCUE run, you cant, for example drag windows by double clicking them. Or change their size bu double-clicking their sides and stretch. DBClick is messed up.




I cannot go to bios with K83 (or K63 wireless, which I have also bought). PC doesn't recognize them at the boot. Not even with cable connected.


What else? The most insane thing I have ever seen in touchpad-keyboard: there are no Left mouse button in the upper left hand corner of the K83. So, you have no option to actually do what windows OS have meant to be -move those darn windows or drag anything in the screen.

It is so convenient to have mouse button for your left hand. Just push your left hand finger and start swiping with right hand in the touchpad. It takes half an hour to learn and makes working really fast.


It is shame K83 has TWO hardware buttons in upper RIGHT hand corner... why? Touchpad is in the same side... How can you possible push that button and start dragging things or painting text, when your fingers should be in trackpad at the same time? More than weird. My friend is watching me, how I swipe with right hand and have left hand criss-crossed over it.


Anyway, I don't want to rant about that joystick. I don't care. This could be best keyboard there is, but it has too many bugs. I have ASUS motherboards and ASUS bios command is DEL. Neither K83 or K63 work. Also basics should work. Windows should operate the touchpad if Corsair say so. I don't have any interest about iCue. This could be great KB, if it could work like a 19e keyboard. Now, it is a 139 dollar trinket.




I have MS All in one -wireless keyboard and it work like a charm. I mean everything is like using wired KB, bulletproof.

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