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Turning on Corsaid Virtuoso freezes any music related software


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I had this headset for a couple of months now, and saying I'm disappointed it's an euphemism.

But I forced myself to use it despite anything, because I spent a lot of money on it.

I can get over the fact that are super uncomfortable (I can wear headphones up to 12h a day).

I can get over the random brief disconnections that sometimes happens 5 times per minute certain days (down to 0 certain other days).

I can get over the ridiculous software that in the year 2020 don't tell you the percentage of the battery.


But what makes me boil my blood is this problem.

Every time I turn on the headset, EVERY APPLICATION that has something to do with sounds (music players, youtube tabs, even the sounds setting windows) FREEZES immediately, forcing me to shut down every single one of those, wait a minute that windows recognize the headset or something.

It's unprecedented for me, I had a ton of others wireless headset, and the moment I turned them on, all I had to do was click a macro key to automatically change the default device to start listen anything.


So my question is, how can I fix this issue? Why it takes SO LONG to get recognized from windows?


My iCue versione is 3.24.52 (also happened with the previous one, luckily this one actually fixed another major bug I had with the headset)

Dongle firmware 0.16.80

Headset firmware 0.17.149

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