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LL120 Rear Exhaust fan Issue - Half of RGB not working.


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Hey folks!


First time poster on here, and first time user of RGB lighting setups that are more than basic and simple. I'm having a bit of an issue I'm hoping you lot can help me solve, as I've exhausted my own knowledge.


My rear exhaust LL120 is connected to a CORSAIR Link Lighting Node PRO + RGB lighting hub, the ones that come included with the Corsair 500D RGB SE case. When I initially built the system (less than a week ago), all of the RGB lights worked just fine. Now, however, I'm running into an issue where half of the RGB are not working.


It seems to me, based on observation, that the controller is detecting the fan and the rainbow lighting I have it set to cycles through the LEDs on the fan, but skips half of them. The lighting setting will start on the right side of the fan's LEDs at about the 3-O'clock position, rotate clockwise until it hits the 8-O'clock position, then move towards the inner four LEDs. To me, it seems like it's detecting the inner LEDs as if they were on the outside, and not detecting the inner LEDs properly at all.


As I'm writing this, I was fiddling with the settings in iCUE a bit. For whatever reason, it appears that my rear exhaust fan is being controlled by both fan # 4 and fan # 5 when I have all 6 fans in my case added. This doesn't seem right to me, as two of those fans are QL120's from the H100i RGB AIO I have installed. At this point I'm assuming I have something plugged in improperly.


I am wondering if it could be because I have the H100i QL120 fans power wires plugged into the AIO's cords, but not the RGB. I have those plugged into the Lighting Node Pro. So, in my Commander Pro, the three front case fans are plugged into positions 1, 2 and 3. The rear exhaust fan is plugged into position 4.


In the Lighting Node Pro, the three front case fans are plugged into positions 1, 2 and 3, the two QL120's from the H100i are plugged into positions 4 and 5, and the rear exhaust fan is in position 6.


Do I just need to plug the two QL100's on the H100i AIO into the included RGB headers, ignoring them on the Lighting Node pro, and then plug the exhaust fan into position 4 to have it all linked up properly?


I realize this is a lot to read through, so I appreciate anyone who takes the time to do so!


Thank You,



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Update: I, apparently, just solved the issue myself. That was exactly the problem. Having the QL120's plugged into the Lighting Node Pro instead of the RGB headers coming off of the AIO was causing an issue with the exhaust fan, presumably because it came after them in the fan order.


This does bring up another question I have, however. I'm planning on replacing the QL120's with two more LL120's for uniform lighting. If I want to make sure any of my lighting effects are properly sequential, starting from the bottom front case fan and working towards the top one, then through the two on the AIO, and finally to the rear exhaust fan, how would I connect the RGB headers to ensure this? Do I keep the two AIO fans connected to the H100i's RGB headers, or plug them into the Lignting node Pro in positions 4 and 5, with the exhaust fan at position 6 again?

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