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BIOS update on Bulldog 2.0 mobo


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I am trying to update the bios on my bulldog 2.0 and having no luck.


It is the MSI Z270I Bulldog (MS-7A66) currently on BIOS Ver:E7A66Iz1.1Q4.


I have downloaded the provided bios on the Corsair site as well as the bios in this thread: (i believe they are the exact same thing)



I place the extracted file, E7A66IZ1.1QA at the root of a Fat32 formatted USB drive, enter M-Flash in the bios, the USB is recognized, but the utility does not see the bios file. I have tried 4 different USB drives.


I was wondering if maybe there is a different BIOS version I could try to see if i can get this working.


I did see a couple other threads with the same issue but no resolution.



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