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Running H100i V2 without iCue


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What happens when you run the cooler without icue running? I am trying to move away from Corsair, but my keyboard switches (MX Speed) are my go to. I do not like the software at all. Its very buggy for all items.


I have pretty much got rid of all my corsair gear because of how bad it is.


TO give you an idea...


Can't switch to a custom profile on my H100i v2, because it will freeze the software and require that the process be restarted (Can read the forum post on that).


Can't use a corsair headset as the software has some type of volume control or adjusting that will make the head set go quiet and then loud (back and forth) in games. I play a lot of comp Overwatch and its killed me so many times since you think someone is far away (quiet) and then you see they are right up on you.


My scimitar mouse is plague as well by the software. If for any reason, they iCUE freezes or shuts down (please see above), you LOSE ALL YOU MOUSE BUTTON MAPPING. This is so crazy to me that Corsair allowed this to get by R&D. First off, the buttons to not come mapped by default. I have been in many of matches where I lost all my thumb buttons cause the software frooze from the custom fan profile.


Finally, my K70 keyboard....The software will allow you to customize you RGB and it looks great, however, when you lock or restart your machine, the RGB does not come out till you start the software. This means you are required to run the awful software in the background and doing this drives me nuts, please read above as to why.

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