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New Build Important Question


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Hello to the Corsair community!

I am making a new build and the power supply that I am using is the Corsair HX1000. (It is fully modular)


For the time being, I am NOT going to install a Graphics card and that is why I am NOT going to use the PCIe cables.


I have already connected the 24 pin to the motherboard, and the other side of the cable to PSU.


I have also connected “two” 8 pin cables to the motherboard which are labeled as CPU. So basically the side that connects to the motherboard is labeled as CPU and the other side is labeled as Type4. (On a side note I have to mention that I am using two 8 pins cables because my motherboard requires them for powering the CPU.)


Now here is my questions:

1-where should I connect the other end of the two CPU cables on the HX1000 PSU?

2-Is connecting the Type 4 end on PSU correct?


I am attaching an image of the back of my PSU and it would be great if someone could tell me where exactly I have to connect the CPU cables on the PSU. The labeling is a bit confusing for me.


I would greatly appreciate your help guys!


Thanks :)


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Thanks for your reply! Sure I will fill out my system info, thanks for reminding me.

Just to confirm, Is the attached picture what you are referring to?

I drew a YELLOW BOX in the pic. If I understood correctly, ANY OF THE 6 PORTS in the YELLOW BOX can be used for that purpose. Is that correct?


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