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Slightly "modded" 570X build (future updates are coming soon)

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Hey Guys, I'm just asking you guys for your opinion for my build. Well, I wouldn't say it's unique because you can rebuild it pretty easy. I did a bit of "modding" here and there, it's really not that much. Could you give me like any suggestions or cool ideas for the future?

First up, yes I voided my warranty in many ways xd

I do ordered some sleeved cables.

I will also order my H100i Platinum as soon as I get my refund.

I know that the one Corsair Logo isnt't lit up because I'm out of Sata Power Cables so I have to order a second adapter.

My GTX1070 Strix is still in Repair and I'm using a RX580 right now.

I will buy another 16GB Kit of Corsair RAM in future.

And finally, I know that I haven't done a great job at cable managing and I could do it better, but it takes too long.

Forgot to say that my CPU is idling at frikin 60°C bruh


Now enjoy these photos, will update soon xd




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