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Corsair 450D side panel


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I have the Corsair Obsidian series 450D case which I had stopped using and recently I thought I could use it again in a secondary PC and was looking to replace the acrylic side panel with another that did NOT have acrylic as it was badly scratched and damaged and acrylic scratches easily (rest of the case is in really good condition besides the top fan filter which easily gets scratched by the screws for the top fans).

I then noticed how it looked exactly like a mirrored version of the rear right side panel but with an acrylic window in the middle (meaning it was basically the same side panels but the acrylic one is an upside down version of the non acrylic with a cutout for the acrylic) and surely enough when I test flipped the right side panel upside down it fit on the left side of the case perfectly and when I went on the Corsair website and looked for replacement parts to get a replacement right side panel but on the Corsair website they only have the acrylic side panel as a replacement side panel for the 450D and I then started noticing how many different corsair cases seem to have a similar side panel to the 450D as in the photos on the replacement parts section they look like the side panels on the 450D and was wondering if either there is a place I can still get the right side panel from or if there is any non windows side panels for another Corsair case that is available to purchase right now on the Corsair website that matches the right side panel of the 450D

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