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Bad replacement part

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I recently returned and received a replacement part.

RMA Number: R73801

Part Number: CMX512-2700C2

Number of modules: 1


Order ID: 234866.


However, the replacement part that was sent also appears bad. I installed the replacement part and ran Memtest86 and received many errors. I need to send the send this part back and get a new one.

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Testing it with a AMD Athlon XP 1900+ (266 FSB) in a 333 FSB motherboard. I have an existing, older, CMX512-2700C2 module that works fine. The module that is bad was purchased to increase RAM from 512MB to 1GB. I have tested the "bad" module in conjunction with the the older CMX512-2700C2 and by itself. I have tweeked every BIOS setting I can find. The part still reports errors when Memtest86 is run.
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