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Void PRO RGB firmware


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Hello friends!


I have the Void PRO RGB Wireless Carbon thats works flawsless!

So my brother was in need of a new headset and he bought the White one. But since the FIRST setup, after installing the iCUE, the dongle didn't recognize the headset.


We did a reset, with a paper clip and holded down the Power button to sync. Worked!


But in iCUE, it is showing the wrong headset (screenshots!).


Even forcing to update the firmware, it always installs the wrong one.


Reseting my dongle, and syncing with my brother's headset, it shows the Void PRO Wireless in iCUE, RGB works normal, but the mic doesn't mute when I stand it up like mine.

Reinstalling the iCUE and trying in a third different computer always shows VOID WIRELESS in iCUE.


Contacting support, they said we need to send the headset to them, but looks like its just need the .15 firmware for a manually update.


There is no other way for a manually update?




Thank You!

Guido Zanella



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