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I'm having some issues with the multimedia buttons on my new K70 low profile rapidfire mech keyboard. The mute and volume slider work fine. Stop button doesn't seem to do anything. Skip tracks forward and backward work. Play/pause only works when I hold down the alt key as well. This is using spotify to play music. I have checked that that service is running and also checked the chrome extensions shortcuts and there's none in there. any suggestions?




(already posted this on the pinned topic but no one replied and it wasn't active for a year.)

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Method 3: Disable Desktop Overlay When Using Media Keys Feature

Note: This is applicable for people who are experiencing this issue with the Spotify app.


There is an option named Desktop Overlay when using media keys in the Spotify application. Disabling this option has resolved the issue for the majority of Spotify users. Follow the steps given below to change these settings.


Open the Spotify app

Click Options (or Settings)

Uncheck the option Desktop overlay when using media keys



This should solve the issue and your media keys should start working on the Spotify app now.


I found this on Appuals website in the post called "How to Fix Media Keys Not Working on Windows 10" (I can't put the URL because it doesn't if you try to access from here) and for me worked after I disabled google play from chrome extension. Check the Spotify one.

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