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Working Node Pro and RGB Hub until some upgrade


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Hope everyone had a great day!


I certainly did, built up my new setup, everything worked.

I have 1 Corsair Node Pro and to Port 1 a Corsair RGB Hub and Port 2 LED-Strip. On the RGB HUB I connected 4 120mm fans. Everything worked, see picture.


Installed Windows, Installed Windows 10 x64, Installed Updates, installed MSI motherboard software/update. Somewhere here my PC wanted to restart, when it came back up no fan had RGB colors.


What have i've done after this:

- Reconnected everything

- Added seperate power from PSU only for Node Pro and RGB Hub

- Firmware reset from 0.10.XX to 0.5.XX

- Reconnected fans RGB contacts in different ports

- Disable Fast Boot in windows


Suddenly only 1 port is working on the RGB hub, i can see that fan in iCue and Link. Port number 2 on Node Pro is not working.


What happend? How can it be fixed?



Link to image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7edlizmng4vp27s/Sk%C3%A4rmavbild%202020-01-22%20kl.%2021.53.19.png?dl=0

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