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220T RGB and H100i Platimun RGB compatibility


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I am having difficulty with the Case fan lighting. It is quite dim and is not controlled by the iCue software. I have a Corsair RM650 PSU, a H100i controller and a 220T RGB Case lighting controller, which are on separate SATA power connectors from the PSU. I also use a separate SATA power connector for my 2.5" SATA3 SSD. My boot disk, which is an M.2 Samsung NVMe SSD is in an adapter. The M.2 boot disk is plugged into a PCIe x16 slot on the motherboard. I am currently unable to control the cooler fans and the case fans with the iCue software. I forced an update of the cooler firmware, but it has made no improvement. It worked well once at the initial setup, but afterwards the Case fans were and currently are very dimly lit. There are more details on my setup in my profile.


I would appreciate some help in setting this up.

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Thanks for the rapid response.

1. In iCUE, did you setup the case fans by themselves? Yes. I setup the case fan with the included lighting node core.

2. in iCUE did you set up the fans that came with cooler by themselves? Yes.The cooler fan is setup with its own controller

I installed the Corsair link to see if it would make a difference. It did not, except that it is seen in iCue.



Here are some screenshots at the URLs below







I suspect that the case fan controller has failed. The case fans are dimly lit. The H100i platinum RGB cooler leds are working as expected and bright. Am considering plugging in one of the case fans to the node core to see if it lights up. In that case, and it would seem unlikely to me, that the PWM fan RGB LEDs have failed. Since the H100i Platinum RGB cooling is now doing everything (cooling and lighting) that it should, the issue appears to be with the 220T RGB case fans or its lighting controller. I note that the iCue utility see the Core node and the H100i RGB Platinum cooler.


@Corsair StormShadow information and images provided as requested.


1/25/2020 update

The H100i RGB Platinum is now working as advertised, The 220T case with RGB fans and an included core node controller has issues. The RGB fans are very dimly lit and only the LEDs at the center of the fan hubs are lit.


Since I have not had another response from Corsair StormShadow or another Corsair representative, I have put in a support request.


Since I have a username and password here and see a warranty support link here, why can't I log into the warranty support? When I try , all I get is an invalid username/password. That is frustrating.

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The support ticket number is 2001004960


Why is it that I cannot log in to check the support ticket with the username and password from the forum?

Just for the heck of it, I tried the forgot password link and it was of no help.


29/01/2020 Today I was able to use the forgot password link successfully.

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