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Lighting Node Pro caught fire!

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I just got my new three pack of LL120 fans yesterday, with the LED Fan Hub and Lighting Node Pro, and after setting everything up the new Lighting Node Pro was not being recognized by iCue - I rechecked all the connections (USB was plugged into my Commander Pro), and restarted my PC - Once again the new Lighting Node Pro was NOT recognized in iCue - After Googling for a possible solution, I came across a suggestion to reset the unit by using a paperclip on the switch and removing the USB plug for 10 seconds - Unfortunately, once I powered the computer back on, the new Lighting Node Pro started smoking, and actually caught fire! After removing the fried Lighting Node, I checked all my other nodes, and Commander Pro USB ports are no longer working! I have two questions:


1. Would the fried Lighting Node have killed the USB ports on the Commander Pro?


2. Since I had just purchased the fan kit, and it was brand new, can I RMA just the defective Node, or do I have to do the whole kit? Everything else that came with the kit works perfectly fine, and it would be a shame to disassemble my new build to return WORKING components ...





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