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I would love to see RGB Fusion integration like Aura sync, but I have to agree with Timbo here.


I have alot of Corsair iCUE hardware, and I get a lot of strange behavior. I change the color on my Dark Core SE mouse and my Dominator ram, goes funky, so I go correct my Dominator ram and the ST100 loses its setting. and so on. Sometime I have to change over half my RGB settings to affect a single devices change.


I even have had issues a profile just being so crorrupt that I have to just trash it and start again.


I love the software control and UI, I love the single eco system I have built around Corsair, but iCUE can be one fustrating piece of code to be sure. Jack of all trades master of none syndrome, it just does so much it is hard to keep it all in check.


To Corsairs credit however, it has gotten better and better if you ignore the stumbles here or there, now I wait weeks before upgrading based on these forums. Anyone who has used NZXT's CAM software will hold iCUE is higher esteem I assure you! Nothing is perfect but some are just plain awful.

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