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Understanding RGB om Hydro x with Commander Pro


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Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU Water Block

Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 20-series GPU Water Block

Hydro X XD5 RGB Reservoir/Pump

Commander Pro


Is this the way it is suppose to work....


1/ Daisy Chain XC7 CPU RGB to the XG7 GPU RGB

2/ Daisy Chain that to XD5 Reservoir

3/ Attach the other cable from the XD5 into the Commander Pro LED channel



Now that will give me control via iCUE and the color effects will be the same for all RGBs on the pump, GPU and CPU


btw: do I have to connect anything to the motherboard CPU fan headers or is that done by the USB device?

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Yes, that is the correct order, because the GPU is the only with two RGB wires. Here is how you would set it up on iCue (reverse, but you got it right). Set the lightning channel as "Hydro X Series", then set the pump, the GPU, then the CPU block.


Other than the Commander Pro USB header, no other wires needs to be plugged into the motherboard. You still need power cables, though, for the pump and fans.


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