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CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 issue,


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alright so i recently upgraded from 2400mhz set to 3000mhz, took me a bit to get it to actually be 3000mhz using xmp on my asrock B450m steel legend motherboard, it has ran good with no issues or bsod's but recently ive been getting a slight freeze randomly in games where the game will freeze for a split second and sound will skip, i have tried chasing down the issue and can only come up with ram being the issue? so i looked at my timings and i dont know if these are correct or not for these ram sticks, so i thought i would make an account on here and check,


this might not even be my issue but i am out of ideas, this is what my board auto set up as xmp 2.0 profile,



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