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Ironclaw Wireless Resetting DPI to Default while gaming.


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Hey guys, I have been having his issue for the last few weeks. Whenever I am playing a game and using my Ironclaw in 2.4 ghz mode it will randomly reset its DPI and the DPI indicator on the side will change color.


Granted, I am only playing at 1,800 DPI and it resets to 1,500 but it is noticeable in games like League where a team fight happens and the mouse doesn't move quite to where I expect it to. I had iCUE open on the other monitor and it shows that it is still running my original 1,800 DPI, and a quick rest of the mouse fixes it. However, I don't want to stop mid-game 6 times to reset my mouse and I paid for the wireless version to use it wirelessly.


Has anyone else encountered such an issue? Was it an update gone bad and I need to just wait?

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