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Trouble with stored profiles (K70 MK 2)


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Hey there! I'd like to preface my post by saying that I'm not incredibly tech-savvy, due to a lack of exposure (particularly to computers) earlier in my life. With that out of the way:


I purchased a K70 RGB MK 2 a few months ago, around August 2019 for a PC that I built that same month. It's been working great, however, a few days ago (January 16, 2019) I decided to download iCUE finally for my mouse and keyboard. Now, I'm not sure if I messed something up during install, or when I was trying to learn some basic stuff on my own, but I've hit a bit of a problem:


Mainly, I can't actually use the profile switch key on my keyboard anymore. While this isn't a total loss, I am a bit anal about it and want to figure it out. On further inspection, I noticed two things: First, when I close out of the iCUE software tab, it automatically resets my keyboard setting back to the "Default" profile (which I presume was created when I started up the software). I also noticed that before the software actually turns on (the first few seconds after starting up, for instance), I can hit the profile switch button, however, some keys are differently colored than when I access the profiles directly through iCUE.


I'm not terribly, terribly concerned about it, as my keyboard and mouse are working just fine, but I'm still a touch cautious, as I tend to mess up tech things when I'm not careful. Any help would be appreciated.

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