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Icue software memory error when terminating application


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I performed a new installation of windows 10 64 bit november update vers. 1909


the problem occurs with the icue software.


the software works and controls all my rgb devices (dominator platinum, fans LL ARGB 120 3 and 1 fan ll argb LL 140, K95 PLATINUM, Scimitar pro rgb)


the software version is 3.24 last update


when I close the application the following message appears


The instruction at 0x000000005CB70569 referred to memory at 0x0000000007210860. Memory could not be read.


The problem appears only with I cue and only when I end the application.


I performed the repair of the software through the Icue unistall but it did not work


Then I uninstalled the software through the icue unistall and then with RevoUnistaller software I deleted all the registry keys created by the software during the installation. I restarted the pc but the problem remains.


I still checked the paging file settings, and set the system-controlled virtual memory on my ssd disk where Icue is installed but it didn't work.


I also tried to perform a windows 10 system restore to a state previous to the installation of icue and then I installed icue again but the problem remains.


What should I do to not have this problem when I close the application?


thank you

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