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RM 750i PS -connected 2x into M.B.


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Helo every1, i am a noob so don't go crazy if i say stupid stuff :).



big bang x power 2


i7 3930k

rtx 2070S


I wanted to do an OC to my cpu and for that i will need more power so my question is if i can do that with this power supply or not.



If i read this right i can use 1 of those "6+2 PCI-e & 4+4 CPU" connections i haven't check but can i use the pcie cable? the same i use on my graphics card?


or i need a specific one?

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Probably doesn't help that the first link you posted gets a "Page Not Found" error, and the second one is just a photo of the PSU back plate - are we supposed to reverse engineer the power supply model # from that photo?


*Edit* - Sorry, didn't see the model # in the thread title.

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