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VOID Wireless Causing Problems when Turning on.


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After i upgraded to patch 3.24 of iCUE my computer is running fine,but only when i connect my VOID Wireless do i get problems.

This includes:

a) Blue Screens

b)Running programs immidiatelly crashing, forcing me to restart,

c)Sounds from certain programs not playing at all,(eg.mute/unmute sounds from discord not playing.)

d)Any program that basically plays audio crashes on start up(eg. VLC cant even play a song)

So far i have tried, uninstalling, reinstalling both iCUE and the Headset Driver, (Both Clean uninstalls,with registry values removed to make sure it was removed),re-paired my headset, tried different ports, tried an older version of CUE but it wouldnt detect my keyboard that time.

Any further Suggestions would be appreciated.


EDIT:I appologise if this should be in the iCUE section, as i believed that the headset so far is the problem.

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