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need ram for ai7 @ 221 mhz


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OK i have a ai7 motherboard running a celeron 2.4 @ 3975mhz on a 221mhz fsb. Right now all i have is 512 megs of ram becasue the previous set of 1 gig patriot ram (crap ram) refused to post beyond 145mhz.


I want to get back to 1 gig of ram so i can turn of my swap file again, and game in hl2 without the danmed level lags.


so the questions is:


i need ram under or equal to 300$ that will run 221mhz 1:1 @ settings


note that i am currently running the northbridge bootstrap at 800fsb so GAT is diabled


note that i am not using the evil GURU chip either


the board supports voltages up to 3.2 and i am running bios rev19


Ram suggestions ?


aslo i would need the ram from Monarch/Newegg/Mwave as they are the few online sites i trust..



please email or write back!

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Try Corsair XMS3200XL dude , runs great at 2.5-2-2-6 at 220Mhz ( at least on my Abit mobo ) Price was around 220 euro's for me that should be less than 300 quid you're talking about, plus they can give you more but at more relax timings ( 240Mhz here at 2.5-3-3-6 2.8 volts)
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Sadly mine did not, with a gig of ram the load times were a minute or less, with 512 its along the lines of 5 minutes between loads with a 8meg 7200rpm drive, which is utter bollocks...


i can literaly make food between level loads... /sigh/

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