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RAM Voltage... 2.5V or 2.6V?


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I need Dell memory for a Dimension 8300, and I'm trying to avoid the "special for Dell" RAM.... because of the high cost.


Currently I have 3-3-3-8 @ 2.5V. (which I will be replacing for larger modules). Most of the memory sticks with those timings are at 2.6V.


I'm unable to adjust voltage in the Dell BIOS, of course, so what happens if I run 2.6V memory in my [apparently] 2.5V set BIOS?


Can I run Corsair CL3 @2.5V?


How about CL3 @ 2.6V?


Many say they are running CL2.5-3-3-8, and that works so long as not running other sticks.... especially VS1GBKIT400. Comment, please?



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Installed VS1GBKIT400.... checked out OK with Everest and ran 4 hour memtest86 with zero errors. Even picked up a small increase in memory read and write speed.


Thanks Ram Guy.... Corsair.

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